Friday, May 8, 2009


well 7 days left until our court date, this alone will be a difficult accomplishment, then you have the ol TB test which is new for over 2 yr olds, they will take an extra week to test them, if it is positive, then about 2 weeks for a x-ray and if it is positive, then 8 weeks or so for a bacterial mucus test, if positive stay in addis ababa hospital for 6 or so months to be treated, sure.... sounds really swell and unrealistic, i know i am losing it, it is true! trying to find that hope i have known


  1. WOW! I just read the AGCI email regarding testing the kiddos for TB. One of my worries was bringing my kiddos home with TB, but I also knew that here in America they would be treated. ( I teach in a public school and know that many children coming from the Mid East have been exposed and it takes a few steps to get clearance - it's usually an 'exposure' issue.) My heart and prayers are with you and the kiddos during this process. It feels like hands are tied and that the Ethiopian Gov wants to do the best thing for kids and families - but wouldn't it be nice to have the children come to America so they can begin life with their Forever Families -and part of bonding could include testing, treatment and care during this process!
    Keeping you in prayer.

  2. It's scary, this extra process. I am keeping everyone in my prayers! I wish they could bring them here to be treated, if necessary. I'm sure all will be well.