Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dossier being translated!

Can't believe it but the paperwork is over, yay, now waiting for a court date and fingerprints ect........ Saw video of our little girl today, she is of course beautiful and very smart her special mother said, and loves to help with cooking, we all love to cook over here, she's 6 yrs old and we can't wait to meet her, we feel so blessed!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

learning about life through my 5 yr old

i am so amazed at how my african daughter lives life so well, she puts me to shame, she is able to move forward in life with so much joy, yet she has had so much trauma, so young, she wakes up happy, showering everyone with her affection, never complaining, enjoying every new experience, fully, happy, happy, happy, today she was riding a horse, so comfortable, and joyful, actually letting go of the reins...really, this is true, adapting so well to everything as i grip to my horse worrying that something " might" happen, and every once in a while she will share about her life in ethiopia, tonight she did again, it's on her mind, we are adopting a sister from ethiopia, she is worried for us," there are mean mommies and daddies, they will hurt you, they take you away to a bad place, please be safe and call me everyday, especially you mom, don't ride in the small cars" it goes on and on, " the water is bad and so is the food" ect.... this breaks my heart, watching her is humbling, there are not words that can express how thankful i am for her, she has taught me how to live and live well no matter what has happened, watching her go to sleep and her trust in us is amazing, how much MORE should we trust our Father in heaven

Friday, October 1, 2010

big hair and my highschool senior

mahlet's hair also looks like this :)))))) and her brother harry, who's a senior in highschool"80's day" scare me some more!