Friday, March 5, 2010

the hair is growing!!!

well my back is working again, thanking God for this, mahlet's hair is getting long, it is very thin and silky like curls that go pretty straight, she loves it DOWN, no braids or pony tails, a bit hard to control, learning everyday how to tame the frizz, today i was trimming my apple trees and she remebered when she first got here that we would pick apples everyday and she asked if this summer we would be going on an airplane, i asked her to ethiopia and she said yes and that she did not want to go there again, but stay here with her family, she still has not shared any of her past, i think it was probably very sad, this broke my heart, and you just hope you say the right thing, however this being said she is still very happy, full of complete JOY, we are thankful, oh and if it always looks like she's in summer dresses, she is, and then we change again and again, we have winter here