Friday, May 1, 2009

15 days till court

Happy May Day! We are counting down the days now, only 15 left until our day in court! Please pray with us that we pass, the nerves are setting in.....wishing, hoping, freaking out, driving my husband mad! Love this song!


  1. Wow! that was good. It's so hard for me to have seen and not ask what more...can I do?!

    We're in prayer for your successful and anxiety-free court date with quick news!

  2. Hey Tara, I know how you feel! I'm driving my husband crazy too! We are so close... I'm praying for you and me and everyone else that's getting close to court.

  3. I too love that song...It is on Kisses From Katie blog...24 more days for us...yay..almost there, kj