Saturday, March 21, 2009

it's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when we officially started our adoption last summer(on my heart for years to adopt again)God spoke to me about "unsurpassed joy" I wanted this joy, but fearful of all the "what ifs????"we adopted our daughter from Romania 13 years ago, she was 11 months old from the worst orphanage in Romania, I was 27 with 3 little boys under 5, she was every failure to that there was, the doctors here thought she was blind, deaf and autistic, and definitely had a attachment disorder, the one thing I told God I could not do, today she is perfect, the road long? YES! Attached-YES, so this "joy" was out there, I wanted it and God was growing impatient with me, Galatians 4:20-at His wits end with me to be so blunt! so I start trusting in Him to do a great work and He chose for our family a four year old girl in Ethiopia, stupid me was thinking an infant and then He spoke to me telling me I would have a referral this week, and there she was, the only girl referral and we had just changed our ages up to 5, this has brought me to my knees and I could not get up, then JOY came, God is working, beyond my human comprehension! my cousin called and said that when she saw her picture she felt a spritual connection , an unexplainable JOY, this is true, and she is not a spiritual person, God is working! We are so thrilled and feel blessed beyond measure, please pray for "M" Joy(middle name) to know her mommy and daddy are comming for her and that she will adjust quickly to our crazy family! We are so thankful for God being in control! tara

Tuesday, March 3, 2009