Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7 weeks waiting and feeling ill

today marks 7 weeks of Mahlet's TB sputum culture, we passed court may 15th, to say this has been stressful is an understatement, i'm really thinking i have an ulcer at this point! hopefully we will know her results soon, at the latest i believe it will be aug 13th, and then traveling the week of aug 24th, we are just hoping and praying she is well, on a good note my youngest 3 are going to kanakuk kamp, yay and we are going to try and relax a bit before school starts up again, enjoy the rest of your summer, i'll post when we hear our news, thanks again for praying her home, this is my daughter patiently waiting for good news of her sister


  1. i seriously can not believe that you are still waiting...praying for good news soon!

  2. Praying hard that you will have her in your arms in August!!!! Your daughter is precious in that picture..and it is so sweet but also very sad that she is waiting so long for her sister. Thinking of you all,


  3. your daughter is gorgeous!

    we would so love for you to come to the gala!!! let me know when you think it will work out! :)

  4. Counting down the days...what a beautiful daughter you have and another on the way!!

  5. Oh, I SO get this. I have a feeling I will be writing a post like this in several weeks. There has been sooooo many waits this go 'round, and this ridiculous sputum test wait is just maddening.

    Hoping you get results in a TIMELY fashion and you can GO GET HER at the end of August.

    Take care!