Sunday, August 2, 2009

senior boys and football

well my second son is a senior in high school, i can't believe it!!! he has been working out all summer for football and got his official team shirt the other day, oh to have a senior boy, they think they are the kings of the world!!! it's only august 2nd, it feels like summer....yet it seems to be ending way too soon, i want to hold on to these lazy days, yet in 2 weeks school begins, schedules become crazy, my oldest leaves again for college, the good news? well hopefully we WILL get good news on Mahlet, thanks again for all the prayers for our family, esp Mahlet



    I can't believe it's almost football season or school season!

    I tried out your squash casserole, YUMMY! I'm thinking about throwing a few jalapenos next time!

  2. Last year for Lauren too and a new one at home! Praying for you this week!!