Sunday, May 15, 2011

about 3 months later...

well here we all are, and i would say everyone is feeling good, johnny is happy happy baby, a little asthma, and just crazy for his momma, he cries when he sees me and must be held or in a pack on my back and then he laughs as i hold him all day long, 26 lbs of love,he is a joy, tigist so very funny and smart loves to tell me how to mother and how i should not be holding him so much, she is such a care giver and would do anything for me, sometimes she sees i am tired and tells me go, go to sleep and she is serious, now this is during the day and so i don't take her offer to run the house while i sleep, she loves all animals, deeply, loves to ride horses and is so confident and a great friend, and one of her favorite things is to boss her sister around, and fighting over shoes and clothes, woo hoo, i'd say they are excellent at that now, thankfully they do have their sisterly momments, like the other night, they should have been asleep and i go up and they are just sitting there talking, one on a stool and the other on the potty, oh mom, they tell me, we are just talking about our outfits and justin bieber, well of course! she is such a blessing, a perfect fit for our family, my older kids have been great, and my husband.... the very best, lucky me


  1. Tara, I burn it. Those are yarn braids and I burn the ends and then blow it out and roll it between my finger and thumb.

  2. we do 11-18 year olds and we have parent/child backpacking trips (for kids ages 11-18). but next year the rwanda reunion will be at our camp!!!

  3. You get a croche (sp?) hook (I got mine from a black hair store) and you just hook it through and do a little half hitch. SUPER EASY!!!