Saturday, March 26, 2011

a few photos

everyone adjusting finally, beautifully! busy busy busy, don't know how you blogger friends keep up, girls are doing great,they have decided they love each other, after many weeks of a fussy, but sweet as pie baby, he's getting tubes in his ears monday, yay, never thought i would say that, we are blessed by these children, they are amazing


  1. Love the pics!
    I can see a future of pure love, no wait! I can see the present.... Filled with PURE LOVE!

  2. Precious pictures! Looks like that sister bond is forming between your two Ethiopian princesses! And your littlest prince--what a doll baby! Pray the tubes help your little guy--must be so hard to adjust to all those changes with physical pain as well! Bless his heart. Love your family and your blog updates (no matter how few and far between they may be--I'm finding it hard to keep up these days as well :)) Take care!

  3. Love those pictures! They look like great friends. Glad you have some answers to help your little guy. And, I get it...I'm not able to keep up with the blogging now. or the laundry...or the dishes...I can go on. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures!

    I got your comment on my blog about Fasika, but couldn't figure out how to access your email account. I definitely want to connect.

    Can you find me on facebook? -Andrea

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