Monday, February 22, 2010

my back is out

well my back is out, hard to function, no pic's this time, things are well other than my old body,i have been thinking about how much do you share at this age, " you are from ethiopia, ect..." i was adopted and i just wanted to belong to my family, my 15 yr old from romania is now interested in romania, before she too wanted to just belong, this path is interesting no guide, every child different, each future difficult to predict, i do know that it is hard, a huge trusting of God that He is in control, i have been blog reading lately about attachment disorders, we have been dealing with that for 14 yrs, very hard, mahlet seems to naturally attach, thanking God for His provision, this is one of the blogs mother of 10 beautiful children, bio and adopted


  1. Yes, it is hard. I think it comes down to the child's personality. I believe most adoptive parents try to do the best they know how. If you get a chance, can you email the blogs that you have been reading? I am pretty sure we are dealing with some attachement issues with H. Thanks and I will be praying for you back.

  2. Tara, it's amazing how God places people in our families and lives. I pray he blesses you and yours. I have a friend dealing with a possible RAD situation - her little one is from domestic realm of adoption world where, unlike Ethiopians, she has a much different history. could you email or post your blogs on your blogs? I'm sure many are interested.


  3. Tara - Thank you for your kind note on waiting out the medial issues! I see our Ethiopian beauties are both 4 and look forward to watching how your days unfold ~~

  4. SO sorry to hear about your back! I hope you feel better soon.
    I'm glad to hear how well Mahlet is doing well.

  5. found you through another blog-we also adopted thru AGCI and our little girl's Eth name (now middle name) is also Mahlet!!! I was excited b/c no one has really heard of it, even some Ethiopian friends so woohoo! your daughter is beautiful!!