Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Mine

she had her first valentine party at school, she loved it!! her language continues to increase like crazy, she is doing well,seems very content, she has never spoken of ethiopia, i wonder when she will, i read about other children doing so and how hard it seems, and will i know what to say....


  1. She is so beautiful! Cute dress!

  2. she is so beautiful!

    Every child is different, and they are all the same too! She might casually talk about it one day - at an Ethiopian restaurant, or while looking at pictures of your Gotcha Day - or she may feel that by talking about it makes her hurt too much. You're doing the right thing by just loving her so much and waiting on her time. And you'll know what to say - or maybe not say, and just listen.

    When my kids talk there are times I just want them to stop b/c it hurts me to think of the changes they've had to go through, but then I think about my selfishness and try to listen and ask a question or two. They definitely let me know when they want to start and end the conversation. Kids are so smart. They teach us so much!

  3. I have always spoke with boo about guatemala but she came home as a baby, so it makes the conversation now just flow. but i do wonder when she gets older and really gets it , how the talks will go :) I cant believe how pretty she is :) so happy things are going great. do you know kerri? she adopted medina from ethiopia, when she was 5 but really 7 ;) they have some awesome conversations. maybe she could share some info with you :) hugs!!!