Sunday, August 15, 2010

A year later...

Tennessee was beautiful, we were blessed to meet in person so many bloggy friends! Mahlet is doing well, still doing the hand thing -sometimes, doctors appointment is soon, will update when we have new info, it's almost been a year for her to be home with us, she is a joy, she has shared many stories about Africa, her most recent one last night about how the children of Africa are crying, she's right , she has shared " she had a bad family, and now she has a good family and she is happy " thank you Jesus for blessing us with unsurpassed joy in a little ethiopian girl


  1. It was so great to meet you guys ... still can't believe how much she's grown! We'll continue to pray for her and God's healing hand to touch her body.

  2. Oh my gosh, that little angel has blessed me as well. It must be hard to hear stories that are not happy. What a miracle that she feels safe and secure enough to share those with you.

  3. sorry and so sad we missed you. Jerusa Mahder loves Mahlets tights:) hugs and kisses. lots of misses.


  4. She is so cute! I don't know how, but every time I see her she's even cuter! :) It's sad to know how many kids are crying in Africa.. Biruktawit tells us a little bit about it every now and then.. It's amazing what we take for granted here.

    We just accepted the referral of a 10 month old waiting child! He's so cute, he's waiting because of developmental delays. So there's going to be one less baby alone!

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