Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy easter weekend

what we have been up to: loosing a first tooth, skiing in colorado, cleaning out the garden, 1st son finishing his sophmore yr in college, second son a senior in high school graduating in may, asking his girl friend to his senior prom,he carved a heart in a tree and had flowers under it in a vase made of snow, too sweet, 3rd son finishing his junior yr spending his time cheerleading with all the girls, that's right and so does my senior, they want to do it in college, oldest daughter finishing her freshman year playing soccer and my youngest growing so fast and looking so old i can't believe it!!!have a great easter


  1. So precious! You are a busy mama!! Such a beautiful family sweet friend! Happy Easter!! ----and I knew you loved that song!!-- thought of you! :)

  2. WOW she is getting so big. What a beautiful family!