Monday, November 2, 2009

so she does like candy....

Mahlet has found candy and chocolate and soda to be quite delicious, up until sat night( we were pirates) she wanted nothing to do with sugar, well things have changed!!!!!! woo hoo for her, not me, darn, was hoping she would keep that habit, she still eats very healthy, she is doing great adjusting to all the new things in her life, she even is interested in horses, yea!!! and school, i think she is missing all her little friends from Hannah's Hope, she keeps telling me she wants to go to school like her siblings, but she won't let me out of her sight, so we will see... enjoy the rest of the fall


  1. Our girls now like candy and soda too... welcome to America I guess! ;) She looks adorable. Our girls caught onto the whole "trick or treating" thing quick... it was so cute!

  2. That girl is so darn cute, makes me wish I could buy cute striped tights and tutus too!

  3. We came home with the biggest bag of candy I have ever seen! We have to monitor the candy eating! She looks so healthy and happy! Glad things are going well.