Thursday, June 11, 2009

please pray with us

Mahlet has had 2 new x-rays yesterday, they could possibly be reading them tonight as we sleep, we need a miracle that her lungs are clear, this is our only hope or it will be a long time before we bring her home, if we even get a chance, we were supposed to leave today at 2pm, sadness has consumed our home, thank you for you prayers


  1. I will pray for your daughter, though I still don't understand. According to the USCIS they will only hold her immigration if she has the positive skin test AND the positive x-ray. Praying for a clear chest film!
    Erin (I have a child with Active TB, he's home but I'm still writing letters to congress about this because the new rules are insane)

  2. Praying that this is cleared soon and that you are able to get her very quickly,


  3. I am so glad they are re-testing. That gives me hope! Keep smiling...there are lots of prayers coming your will work out.

  4. e-mail me (erinpauline at yahoo) and I'll get you that info.