Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thinking we are number 4 on girls list

I guess it's time I made a post trying to figure out the blog thing, been reading blogs since this summer, very excited for all the babies comming home and new refferals! Well here's a picture of my kiddos, waiting to add more, yeah!


  1. ahh tara! I have been searching for anyone who might be before us on the list! This is awesome! What was the number you received for February from Julie or Christy? We were 8 but now we are 6 at the highest but we could be lower....I am soooo happy to "meet" you!

    are you waiting for 0-12 months?

  2. That is so awesome! Ok so there is an email yahoo group that is called agci you can join to meet more families if you get a little more info from families than on the blogs.

    I am so happy you found me because I know NO one before me and thought I would be in the dark number wise until we get the call!

    Please let me know when you get your call, it may be coming REALLY soon!!! my email is deedee1784 at yahoo dot com.

    where are you guys from?

  3. nice meeting you...I just got referral this week...It was such an awesome experience, but I guess you already know all about it since you've adopted before...Congrats on being so close, Kristi