Sunday, January 23, 2011

we passed!

we passed court, they are ours, they were both as sweet as i could have imagined, a new journey begins, now we will get rooms ready and prepare for them to come home, how do you really do that? we are now waiting for an embassy date, who knows when that will be, we expext to be traveling in march sometime to bring them home, they really were both all smiles and full of joy, they are amazing,it was very hard to leave them there,i believe she understands we are coming back and what is going on, she wanted to go on the airlplane with us, break my heart... thank you again for all your prayers

Monday, January 10, 2011


a quick update, we leave in just a few days, our court date is Jan 18, praying to pass for 2 kiddos, we have received many updates and photos of our sweet ones waiting in Ethiopia, both are all smiles we hear, amazing! we can't wait to meet them so very soon, Mahlet is such a snuggle bug, loves getting kissed and dishing them out, prays for both of them everyday and reminds me of how i am going to have to change his diaper and carry him, and how she will be twins now with her new sister because they are the same.....and her hair, yes we added extensions to her own hair and it is rather messy, it's starting to all twist together(i untwist it daily), so we will see how long it will last.