Tuesday, January 19, 2010

plodding along

after many snow days and a long weekend we are all still stuck inside, thinking happy thoughts of spring to come quickly, gardens and flowers, just being outside on a sunny day, or even just having the sun shine!!!! oh the good ol midwest, well the fungus that started on mahlet is now on my other daughter and today i found it on me, my head, yuck, well we push on to rid this also, she is doing well, her vocabulary continues to improve and she understands eveything we say, she has become a "sassypants" highschool musical her very favorite, and she wants to marry Harry, her brother, the cleaning has ended, darn, now i have to ask her to pick up after herself, she eats most anything and continues to be happy, i do see times when she see's old photos of ethiopia when she is confused and then is sad, i think this age is difficult, trying to be present in the present and the past so incredibly different from her day to day, the photos of haiti on the news bother her tremendously, her past is unknown to us, we continue to pray for joy for her heart and healing, still love reading everyone's stories when i can