Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas

ugh! i have not been able to post or upload photos lately, here's our christmas card photo, things are still going well, she started pre-school last week and loves it, she can finally kiss and say goodbye to me without screaming, she loves being around other children and BABIES, she is crazy about BABIES, that is all she talks about, can a baby do this or that and when am i having one, very funny i know, she loves the movie charlotte's web and chicken and french fries and does not want injera, and the laundry must be done, no piles left around, our machine broke 6 days ago and she is going crazy telling me i need to wash the clothes, yes i know and no sight ahead of where the broken part is located as far as the repair guys know....and merry christmas we are full with our bundle of joy